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Louise Donovan - Quilt - My Pandemic Journey 4    
Louise Donovan - My Pandemic Journey
About This Quilt
My Pandemic Journey 4 - by Louise Donovan.

Navy-blue – with green and red squares – same quilting thread and designs as in 2 above.

Black has changed to navy-blue as we emerge from lockdown and restrictions begin to be lifted – the country is being encouraged to return to normal for the sake of the economy. I am still very wary of the power of the virus and self-isolating except for medical appointments. This is the summer and the height of my pollen asthma season. My respiratory system is vulnerable; this will be the focus of the coronavirus attack if I am infected. The red represents this sense of danger. The green represents the hope that was there as we got on top of the virus due to those weeks of total lockdown in late-March through into April and May.

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