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Louise Donovan - Quilt - Gaza    
Louise Donovan - Quilt - Gaza
The Story Of This Quilt
Gaza by Louise Donovan.
The inspiration for this quilt was a press photograph taken at the time the Israelis were saying that they were only bombing military sites. The photo was of an authenticated residential area, which had been reduced to rubble. Amongst the grey stones, covered with dust, were pots, pans, and toys. On top of one pile of broken blocks within the destruction was a beautiful piece of red fabric, lifted into place by a wind of fate.

This quilt was exhibited at the Festival of Quilts in 2015. When my friend and I found my quilt inside the hall, I heard a voice from behind saying “This is definitely my favourite quilt”. I turned round unsure if she was talking about Gaza. “Don’t you like this quilt?” she asked. “It really is my favourite and I have been round them all twice.” I told her that I had made Gaza and explained its inspiration. She was very moved and insisted that I stand in front of it for a photograph.

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Louise Donovan - Quilt - Gaza Louise Donovan - Quilt - Gaza Louise Donovan - Quilt - Gaza