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Louise Donovan - Textile Artist - links to my inspirations in Cornwall and beyond
Nicole Tung - Photographer
Nicole Tung
Nicole Tung is a photographer who I first became aware of at the time James Foley was executed. She is a photographer who worked with him and she was interviewed by Channel 4 News. I was struck with how she spoke of him and her sense of loss and so I googled her. Her website has examples of her powerful photography, the most recent on the migration crisis. She depicts both the horror of war and migration. One piece which I am planning and working on is inspired by two photographs she took in Aleppo with men hiding in darkness and only seen in firelight – the look of terror on their faces has such an impact and really brings out the reality of life there. Bringing this reality to us in the safety of our life in the UK whilst risking her own life is something I admire and I would love to meet her.
Rob Donovan - Author
Rob Donovan
Rob Donovan has been both my partner and chief supporter for nearly forty years…
Nigel Slater - A Cook Who Writes
Nigel Slater
A Cook Who Writes
A cook who inspires,
Bosna Quilts
Bosna Quilts

Testimonies of cooperation between women from different worlds. The workshop came into being in 1993 during the Bosnian war, at the Galina refugee hostel in Vorarlberg, Austria.

The unique textile creations are designed by Lucia Lienhard-Giesinger in Bregenz and are then hand-sewn by eleven women in Goražde and Sarajevo.

Louise Donovan - Textile Artist
Artistic Statement

My work comes out of my life journey. It is not based on an identity with an artistic school or genre.

In my early years, I loved knitting and crocheting; the needlework class was my favourite lesson. But I did not see myself as an artist. I followed patterns. I did crafts. I had a desire to make things. But I was not creative.
Later, I began to experiment with colour. I developed technical skills associated with patchwork such as piecing and quilting but I did so following traditional established patterns. I still did not see myself as an artist.

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