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Louise Donovan - Quilt - Guantanamo    
Louise Donovan - Quilt - Guantanamo
The Story Of This Quilt
Guantanamo by Louise Donovan.

The inspiration for Guantanamo is the work of Reprieve, a group of human rights lawyers set up by Clive Stafford Smith who has spent years in America defending prisoners on death row and is now defending those being held in Guantanamo. This is work that fills me with admiration and fits with my belief that all people matter.

When I arrived at the Festival of Quilts in August 2014 I discovered that Guantanamo had been given a Judge’s Choice Award. When I returned to look at my quilt again – to make sure it was true - one lady was looking closely at it and she apologised for blocking my view. I explained that this was my quilt and she asked, “How did you take all those photos we have seen and turn them into this abstraction and still we can recognize it?” I was delighted by this response.

I recently discovered that Laura on Made Peachy who had been at the Festival wrote on her website

Working on a stand at the show does (sadly) mean that it is a little tricky to get out and about and enjoy the show – but I did make a real priority of checking out the Contemporary Quilts – by far my favourite section of the quits on show – and trust me, these didn’t disappoint! I have a huge crush on the bold dramatic combinations of shape and colour that are synonymous with modern quilts and this design named Guantanamo created by Louise Donovan was one that I couldn’t help but return to look at again and again!

And Julia Hedges Laces wrote on her blog:

Guantanamo by Louise Donovan was also striking, but again, simple stripes and simple stitching done to great effect.

All very affirming!

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Louise Donovan - Quilt - Guantanamo Louise Donovan - Quilt - Guantanamo Louise Donovan - Quilt - Guantanamo Louise Donovan - Quilt - Guantanamo