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Louise Donovan - Quilt - Syriza    
Louise Donovan - Quilt - Syriza
The Story Of This Quilt
Syriza by Louise Donovan.
This quilt was created and made at the start of 2015 when Greece was suffering a financial crisis and their elections returned Syriza to power, led by Tsipras and Varoufakis.

Since the late 80s we have escaped to our Aegean summer paradise – the island of Patmos – as many years as we could. The writer, Peter France, who also holidayed there, described it as a place of healing for the soul. Patmos certainly provides us with time for reflection and discussion and many important decisions have been made there. We stay in the same family-run hotel in Skala and visit the same tavernas. We have seen the children we knew by sight in the 80s and 90s grow up and now as adults help run these family businesses.

And we have made friends. Michael and Elvira Kessetzis have a jewelry shop on the harbor front and they are our first port of call when we arrive. We heard from them in the summer of 2014 the reality of life in contemporary Greece. They gave us a vivid account of the meaning of austerity and its impact on their children’s lives and those of their friends.

This small wall hanging quilt is my way of showing solidarity with the people of Greece.

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Louise Donovan - Quilt - Syriza Louise Donovan - Quilt - Syriza