Louise Donovan - Textile Artist
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Louise Donovan - Purple Optics    
Louise Donovan - Textile Artist
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About This Quilt

I am uncertain quite how this piece came to be. As the late Roy Ray, my tutor at the St Ives School of Painting, said: ‘You’re thinking too much! Stop thinking and go with what happens in your head.” Wonderful advice – and one day in 2022, this idea popped into my head and I just went with it.

What do you see?
Is it a white/grey spinning top?
Or two chopped purple egg-timers?
Or cogs in a mechanical clockwork device?
Or two cartoon characters?

Whatever your optical nerve cares to conjure up is fine by me. Our worlds are so rich in meaning. Quakers are open to the wonders of creation and the importance of being open to differences in interpretation.

My Purple Optics piece measures 42.5” x 32”.