Louise Donovan - Textile Artist
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Louise Donovan - Light Through A Mondrian Prism    
Louise Donovan - Textile Artist
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About This Quilt

The influence of Mondrian on my work began before we moved to St Ives in January 2013. In 2010, abstraction as an art movement became a focus in the St Ives School of Painting course I had travelled across the country to attend. I was introduced to the work of Pieter Mondrian for the first time in a serious way.

Mondrian painted using very specific rules where geometric figures were only ever to be the result of linear intersections and never to be separate forms. Colour was reduced to the three most saturated primaries – red, yellow, and blue – creating a stark contrast of black lines with bright colours.

My piece for this Marazion exhibition – Light Through A Mondrian Prism – is my creative response to this Mondrian influence from where I am now. I seem to be playing with purple, green, black, and the lightness of grey. There is a hint of bars perhaps.

My Light Through A Mondrian Prism measures 45.5” x 56.5”.