Louise Donovan - Textile Artist
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Louise Donovan - Lunar Sixteen On Purple    
Louise Donovan - Textile Artist
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About This Quilt

I completed this piece – Lunar Sixteen on Purple - at the end of June this year. It is the most recent work displayed in in this exhibition catalogue.

As the inimitable Oscar Wilde quipped, ‘Nothing succeeds like excess!’. Why not celebrate the skills of the hands of the past by giving these sixteen doilies a fresh life in a new context. I loved making this work. It was indeed a labour of love, a study in patience. My two dear friends, Jessy in Indiana in the USA and Ingrid in The Netherlands, have seen an image of it and they approve.

Jessy wrote: ‘I love the unexpected and creative use of the lace. It really evokes the phases of the moon. Brilliant work, Louise!’

Ingrid responded: ‘I do agree about the lace. It gives the quilt a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. Lovely piece, Louise. You keep surprising us.’

My Lunar Sixteen on Purple piece measures 33.5” x 36.5”.