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Louise Donovan - Textile Artist    
Louise Donovan - Textile Artist - beautiful handmade quilts - St Ives Cornwall.
Political Quilts
Louise Donovan - Guantanamo
Louise Donovan - Gaza
Louise Donovan - March For The Alternative

March For
The Alternative

Louise Donovan - Syriza
Wedding Quilts Quilts - People Who Inspire Me
Louise Donovan - Wedding Quilt - Tamzyn and Michal
Tamzyn and Michal
Louise Donovan - Wedding Quilt - Jane and Graham
Jane and Graham
Louise Donovan - For Billy
For Billy
Louise Donovan - For Barbara
For Barbara
Quilts - People Who Inspire Me Quilts - Grief
Louise Donovan - For Mel
For Mel
Louise Donovan - For Josh
For Josh
Louise Donovan - Any Dream
Any Dream
Louise Donovan - Grief
Quilts - Odds and Ends    
Louise Donovan - Amish Abstraction
Amish Abstraction
Louise Donovan - Scraps - Log Cabin
Scraps - Log Cabin
Louise Donovan - A Trip Around The World
A Trip Around
The World
Louise Donovan - For A Family
For A Family
Quilts - Patmos - An Inspiration
Louise Donovan - Patmos - An Inspiration
An Inspiration
Louise Donovan - Small Ferry Boat
Ferry Boat
Louise Donovan - Hohlakas Bay
Hohlakas Bay
Louise Donovan - Bougainvillea
Louise Donovan - Hora By Day
Hora By Day
Louise Donovan - Hora By Night
Hora By Night
Louise Donovan - Agrilivado Bay
Agrilivado Bay
Quilts - Future Projects    
Louise Donovan - Future Projects
Future Projects
Louise Donovan - Waving Not Drowning!
Waving Not Drowning!
Louise Donovan - My Mondrian Moment
My Mondrian Moment
Bosna Quilts    
Louise Donovan - Bosna Quilt Inspired No. 1
Bosna Quilt 1
To Heaven
Louise Donovan - Bosna Quilt Inspired No. 2
Bosna Quilt 2
Alternative Stairway To Heaven
Louise Donovan - Bosna Quilt Inspired No. 3
Bosna Quilt 3
Louise Donovan - Bosna Quilt Inspired No. 4
Bosna Quilt 4
Louise Donovan - Bosna Quilt Inspired No. 5
Bosna Quilt 5
Louise Donovan - Bosna Quilt Inspired No. 6
Bosna Quilt 6
Louise Donovan - Textile Artist
Artistic Statement

My work comes out of my life journey. It is not based on an identity with an artistic school or genre.

In my early years, I loved knitting and crocheting; the needlework class was my favourite lesson. But I did not see myself as an artist. I followed patterns. I did crafts. I had a desire to make things. But I was not creative.
Later, I began to experiment with colour. I developed technical skills associated with patchwork such as piecing and quilting but I did so following traditional established patterns. I still did not see myself as an artist.

Yet there were ways in which I began to realise I was painting pictures in fabric – the first glimmerings of my self as a creative artist were breaking through. My work, especially in my wedding quilts, became people-centred, telling stories about people’s lives. My own life journey was shaping my craft. I had started my working life as a teacher engaged with the whole child to help him or her learn more successfully. I moved into my own therapy to help understand my own life journey more clearly. I became a psychotherapist to help others understand themselves. I followed an academic path in psychology to develop knowledge of myself and others as human organisms. My fascination was with people – their stories, their search for meaning. And at the root of all these feelings lay a core belief in hope. The world and its people were fundamentally good. We should always be optimistic. Above all, people matter.

My breakthrough in seeing myself as a creative person - as a textile artist – came around the time of my mother’s death in 2008.My quilting style underwent a dramatic change. I began to play with colour, following where my heart led. Three art courses at the St Ives School of Painting in Cornwall provided the specific occasion for the release of my artistic self. I broke with traditional patterning and launched into abstract experiment.

The other great influence on my work has been shaped by the political and economic landscape in the U.K. and much of the rest of the world since 2008. Anger fuels my work. My quilts tell a political story; they also help me cope with the fury I feel when I see how masses of people are exploited in the interests of greed. It is not money that matters. It is people. My art is political.

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Louise Donovan - A Textile Art Journey Through
The Pandemic and Interconnections.
Saturday 13th to Friday 19th November 2021.
Crypt Gallery - St Ives Society of Artists.
Louise Donovan - My Pandemic Journey
Click Here For More About My Pandemic Journey

My Dissertation -
A Psychoanalytic Critique Of Eccentricity.

Submitted in part-fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Psychoanalytic Studies at the University of Essex in 1998.
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